Chiefs keeper Akpeyi's advice to fellow players: Don't spend all your money on sports cars

Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi.
Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi.
Image: Lefty Shivambu/Gallo Images

Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi says sport stars should not make “material things” a necessity and rather start “investing in property”.

Akpeyi advises soccer stars not to blow all their cash during their playing days and says  property and other investments are the way to go.

“The best financial advice I ever got was that I shouldn't make material things a necessity for me,” he told the club's YouTube channel.

“I've always been told that I need to get a financial support [adviser] and making my own finance decision in the future.

"This is some of the best financial advice ... don't look into [sports] cars and invest in fancy clothes.

“I was actually advised to not look into such things and make a proper foundation for myself.”

Akpeyi said he has been fortunate as he received sound financial advice from the people about him while growing up.

"[The] worst money mistake I've ever made was trying to live like other people,” he said.

“Sometimes those people you meet have financial support on their side and [even when] you don't have that support, you now want to live like them.”

“The best investment I've done was in real estate,” he said.

The Super Eagles shot-stopper added that the best thing he has ever done is to prepare for money before he gets it.

“It is not big [money] but a small [amount of money] is coming up gradually at least one or two properties [are generating money]," he said.

“The little income I am now earning I am just trying to make sure that I add more properties.

“For now I am still going to be in the game and that allows me to manage my investments from afar.

“The secret of financial awareness is that you have to prepare yourself and make a plan on the ground before you even receive money.

“Don't use it on things you never planned for. My money slogan is don't spend on what you don't need.”