Motsepe promises to increase prize money for Caf competitions‚ introduce VAR

Mamelodi Sundowns owner Patrice Motsepe is a strong candidate for the Caf presidency. The elections take place on March 12 in Rabat, Morocco.
Mamelodi Sundowns owner Patrice Motsepe is a strong candidate for the Caf presidency. The elections take place on March 12 in Rabat, Morocco.
Image: Martin Rhodes/BusinessLIVE

Patrice Motsepe has proposed to appoint the right people‚ bring corporate governance‚ use his international business contacts to conclude deals‚ and increase prize money in major competitions in his plan to revive the Confederation of African Football (Caf).

Motsepe has presented his “10-point Action Plan for Building African Football to be the Best in The World” should he win Caf’s presidential election in Rabat‚ Morocco on March 12.

As a club owner‚ of Mamelodi Sundowns‚ Motsepe is well aware that inadequate prize money in the continental Caf Champions League and Confederation Cup has made it hard for teams to recoup the tremendous costs of competing in those competitions.

Motsepe also pledged to introduce Video Assistant Referees (VAR) in all Caf’s senior competitions‚ and pledged to visit “every single country” in Africa within his first year to establish their and the continent’s football requirements.

Motsepe’s plan he presented at Sandton Convention Centre is:

1. Investing in developing and growing football in each African country and building partnerships and sponsorships with the private sector and other potential partners.

Mining magnate and billionaire Motsepe said he would call on his international business connections. “We are going to have to talk to the private sector‚ because the businesses that I’m associated with‚ we do business in 40 countries in Africa. So‚ we succeed in Africa‚ we’ve got a duty to give back in Africa‚” he said.

“And the way to give back is not to hold a gun to the head of a CEO of a company but to talk nicely and persuade him.

“We are going to say to the private sector‚ ‘Guys‚ you made billions of Rands. And it’s good for your business [investing in football]’.”

The manifesto states: “We will visit each country within 9 to 12 months and will initiate discussions with the Member Association Presidents and leadership to identify and implement priority development and growth projects ... .”

2. Improving the efficiency and professionalism of CAF’s Competitions and its staff.

The manifest states “We will contribute to improving the efficiency‚ administration and organisation of CAF’s competitions as well as the professionalism and productivity of its staff and will also put in place medical best practices particularly in the context of Covid-19.

“It is also important to significantly increase the prize money of the CAF Africa Cup of Nations and of the top Pan African club competitions.”

3. Implementing and adhering to governance and auditing global best practices.

Motsepe said: “There are many companies around the world who want to give money to football. But they want to be comfortable that the money is not going into the pockets of the leadership of football‚ and that the money will indeed be used to develop football in Africa.

The manifesto states: “We will focus on contributing to building a respected‚ credible and ethical football governing association in every country in Africa and also focus on contributing to building an equally respected‚ credible and ethical African continental football governing body - CAF that is transparent and accountable and that implements and adheres to auditing and governance global best practices.”

4. Investing in African football infrastructure.

The manifesto states: “We are committed to ensuring that at least one quality national stadium in every country is built‚ where none currently exists‚ in accordance with FIFA’s international quality standards and also building at least 200 football pitches.”

5. Investing in our youth and in the future of African football.

The manifesto states: “Building youth football development facilities and infrastructure for boys and girls and promoting schools football in as many schools as possible‚ is important for the growth and long term success of African football.

“Greater support will be provided to the six Regional/Zonal Associations to organise and host youth national team competitions for girls and boys‚ Under-15s‚ 17s and 20s on an annual basis at regional level and within 12 to 18 months at continental level.

“It is also our intention to double the annual payments for investment in youth football to each Member Association within one year.”

6. Developing and growing women’s football.

The manifesto states: “There will be extensive consultation and discussions with women’s football participants and stakeholders and a thorough assessment of the prevailing conditions and proposed reforms for Africa’s women’s football will be undertaken.

“African women’s competitions will also be restructured and rebranded within two years and in close coordination with the private sector and other stakeholders to ensure its long term sustainability and growth.”

7. Protecting the integrity and professionalism refereeing.

The manifesto states: “The elite refereeing programme jointly developed by CAF and FIFA in 2020 will be rolled out within six months. This programme will raise refereeing standards and enable regular and complete assessments of the standard of refereeing in Africa.

“Training and education of female referees will also be conducted and encouraged to increase the number of female referees officiating at top tier professional football.”

8. Video Assistant Referees (VAR). VAR will be implemented at all CAF senior competitions.

The manifesto states: “VAR will be implemented at all CAF senior competitions.”

9 Statutory Reforms.

The manifesto states: “We will initiate discussions and consultations within 3 to 6 months to assess and identify the statutory reforms and changes that are essential to improve and strengthen the administrative‚ managerial and operational efficiency of CAF‚ its Member Associations and the Regional/Zonal Associations and to implement transparency‚ accountability and adherence to auditing and governance global best practices.

“A Task Force on strategic development will be established and it will include the six Regional/Zonal Association Presidents‚ the CAF President and the CAF Vice Presidents. This Task Force will also meet prior to every CAF Executive Committee meeting.”

10. Partnerships with Fifa and other Continental governing bodies.

The manifesto states: “We are committed to building a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship and partnership with FIFA and also with all the other Continental Football governing bodies in the world. These relationships and partnerships will be based on advancing the best interests of Africa‚ CAF and its Member Associations.”