Irvin Khoza blames Ndorogate mess on Tendai Ndoro

14 July 2018 - 11:47
By Sazi Hadebe
Chairman of the PSL Irvin Khoza.
Image: Sydney Seshibedi/Gallo Images Chairman of the PSL Irvin Khoza.

Had former Ajax Cape Town striker Tendai Ndoro checked his status with Fifa Players’ Status Committee before signing for the Cape club‚ the chaos that has put the start of the 2018-19 into serious doubt would have been avoided.

That was the view of Premier Soccer League (PSL) chairman Irvin Khoza addressing the media this week‚ where he said that Ndoro should have first checked his status with Fifa’s committee before joining Ajax in January – the Zimbabwean striker’s third team in the 2017-18 season.

Khoza also moved to assure everyone that as far PSL is concerned‚ the 2018-19 season will start as scheduled on August 4 and the league will only entertain those who might consider opposing that – which Ajax might consider – if and when they do.

“Ndoro could have resolved this matter if he had gone to the Fifa Players’ Status Committee first to clarify his position‚” said Khoza‚ explaining the reason why the PSL was appealing Judge Denise Fisher’s High Court decision which set aside arbitrator William Mokhari’s ruling that saw Ajax relegated.

“On the issue of Judge Fisher we are saying that the way it comes across as is that all matters that have got an international dimension must first go to Fifa before they are resolved [locally].

“Imagine if we got matters of 20 people who are affected and had international dimension. It means their matters must first go to Fifa before they are resolved.

“The crux of the matter here is that Ndoro could have resolved this matter if he went to Fifa Players’ Status Committee first to clarify his position.

“If he plays without that determination he is a defaulter or ineligible [to play] before his status is clarified as to as whether he can play for three teams in one season.”

Judge Fisher ruled that‚ due to their being an international dimension to the Ndoro matter‚ because one of the three clubs he played for in 2017-18 was Al Fasialy in Saudi Arabia‚ Fifa‚ and not structures in South Africa‚ have jurisdiction.

The PSL has resolved to apply for leave to appeal Fisher’s decision‚ which ordered the Ndoro matter to be sent to the Fifa Players’ Status Committee.

Judge Fisher did not rule on Ajax’s request to set aside their relegation and setting aside the PSL playoffs.

But by way of interpretation Ajax saw Judge Fisher’s decision (of setting aside Mokhari’s ruling) as meaning they are back to their 15th position on the PSL log and are entitled to contest the playoffs.

Khoza was not bothered by that interpretation on Thursday‚ saying: “If we succeed with our leave to appeal‚ it means Mokhari’s decision stands and so the matter ends there.”

Ajax have threatened to interdict the start of the season on August 4 but were yet to clarify their next move after Thursday’s PSL Board of Governors meeting in Sandton‚ which endorsed PSL’s executive committee decision to appeal Judge Fisher’s ruling.

The ongoing saga that has been handed the title Ndorogate is related to a Fifa ruling that a player may only turn out for three clubs in a season.

Ndoro played for Orlando Pirates‚ Faisaly and Ajax in 2017-18.