How Khoza told Teko he was not allowed to join Chiefs

30 November 2017 - 12:27
By Marc Strydom
Dr Irvin Khoza Chairman of Orlando Pirates during the Orlando Pirates Press Conference 02 November 2016 at Rand Stadium.
Image: Sydney Mahlangu/ BackpagePix Dr Irvin Khoza Chairman of Orlando Pirates during the Orlando Pirates Press Conference 02 November 2016 at Rand Stadium.

Teko Modise purposefully wore the most outrageous suit he could find to a meeting with Orlando Pirates chairman Irvin Khoza on the day when it was agreed the midfielder’s contract at the club would end‚ a book on the player’s life asserts.

The book‚ The Curse of Teko Modise‚ alleges that after months of being in and out of the Pirates team‚ training alone and turning to drink as overseas moves were blocked‚ Modise chose a suit that would make a statement for his meeting with Khoza in 2011‚ to “go out in style”.

The book says Modise was given a call on the night before the meeting by his agent‚ Jazzman Mahlakgane‚ and told to wear a suit.

“Teko had a good‚ long think about what he was going to wear. The more he thought about it the more he realised that he did nothing by the book.

“He was no ordinary guy. He thought that‚ seeing as his stay had been nothing short of controversial‚ he was going to go out with a bang.

“He chose the most obnoxious‚ outrageous‚ brightly coloured suit he could find. It was more than offensive on the eyes.

“He wore a pink shirt‚ a red tie‚ and all the other colours he could throw together. It ticked all the wrong boxes.

“‘I loved it. I did it on purpose; I wanted to go out in style’.

“The next say Teko arrived for the meeting. He imagined the meeting taking place in a big room with all of South Africa watching and Jazzman‚ his protector‚ by his side.

“When he arrived‚ there were a couple of people gathered outside the meeting room.

"There were members of the media‚ Orlando Pirates officials and Jazzman. The door of the room opened; Irvin Khoza glanced at Teko and summoned him inside.

“Teko was hoping Jazzman would be invited in too. He was not.

"It was just the Iron Duke‚ Teko Modise‚ and his ridiculous suit‚ which was starting to look like a bad decision now that he was face to face with the most powerful man in South African football.

“‘If there is one thing you can pray for in this life‚ it’s that you never find yourself alone in a room with the Iron Duke when he is angry.’

“And Irvin truly was furious.

"He told Teko that he was disrespectful and that all of his actions over the past while were wrong.

"The grilling went on for an hour and the media waited outside.

“… Irvin told Teko that he would release him on one condition: he was not allowed to join Kaizer Chiefs. After that Irvin pushed back his chair and stood up.”

The Curse of Teko Modise‚ by Nikolaos Kirkinis‚ is published by Jacana Media.