Sascoc intensifies their bid to intervene at CSA

Sascoc has been unstable as an organisation over the past decade.
Sascoc has been unstable as an organisation over the past decade.
Image: Wessel Oosthuizen/Gallo Images

Having lost the battle on the home front with Cricket South Africa (CSA)‚ the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) has written to the International Cricket Council (ICC) in what can only be seen as a desperate attempt to get the local cricket body into line.

In the four-page letter‚ the embattled Olympic body that’s been beset by its own leadership squabbles‚ said they’re not muscling in on a government intervention ticket‚ but said they need to assist CSA in their current administrative issues.

“We are quite prepared to meet with you and discuss this issue with you and to give you the assurance that the Sascoc intervention is a bona fide attempt to assist one of its members who clearly and desperately needs such assistance‚” the letter said.

“There are also reports that the Sascoc intervention is nothing other than government interference‚ and that Sascoc somehow “fronts” for the government of the Republic of South Africa. Such allegations are entirely baseless‚ misconceived‚ and mischievous. It is also insulting to Sascoc.

“At no stage does or did Sascoc act under the direction or control of the Minister of Sport in the country‚ or the Government of the Republic of South Africa. Sascoc is prepared to offer experts in the field of governance and administration to assist in that regard. Sascoc cannot stand idly by to see Cricket South Africa having tumbled from the standings both internationally and domestically.”

On Thursday evening‚ Sascoc moved to have CSA’s board and the senior executive team be stood down and have a task team appointed at CSA’s expense to investigate the governance lapses and the multiple resignations at the embattled cricket body.

Also at the core of Sascoc’s street-fight is the non-release of the Fundudzi Forensic Services-compiled Forensic Report that can only be viewed by signing a non-disclosure agreement at three Bowman Gilfillan offices in Cape Town‚ Johannesburg and Durban.

The unavailability of this report has been seen by Sascoc as a declaration of war against transparent and good governance.

“CSA has refused to make this forensic report available on an unrestricted basis‚ and has offered to do so only if the Members of the Sascoc Board sign non-disclosure agreements. We find this requirement totally unacceptable and unreasonable as it does not permit us to properly engage with the report and to seek legal counsel or other expert assistance which may inform any decision we might make‚” added the letter.

“CSA’s steadfast refusal to make the forensic report available is puzzling‚ as it appears that they are unable to self-correct if the report is not made available‚ not only to its own Members‚ but also to the media and the public at large since it is a public document.” CSA responded to Sascoc on Friday morning‚ rejecting their order while further saying they’ll be seeking legal advice with regards to the basis on which Sascoc wants to intervene in their affairs.

Sascoc though said there’s no attempt to put CSA under administration.