Boxers advised to think outside boxing

21 July 2020 - 08:37
By Bongani Magasela
CEO of Rumble Africa Promotion Nomfesane Nyatela. /Supplied
CEO of Rumble Africa Promotion Nomfesane Nyatela. /Supplied

Nomfesane Nyatela, CEO of Rumble Africa Promotion (RAP), has encouraged professional boxers to arm themselves with academic qualifications because the Covid-19 period demonstrated that boxing is a short-term career.

She said RAP had a programme with the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and only one of their boxers (Khanyisa Siko) grabbed the opportunity and completed a public management course, and he is now an intern at the department of public works in East London.

"Boxers must actually use this time to do self-introspection in terms of what they intend to do with their future. This period should have opened boxers' eyes. The sad thing about this break is that boxers have not been able to earn a living because their focus is only in boxing, inside the ring when they can do other very important things in their lives and that includes taking up some courses that will see them get jobs, earn a salary while waiting to get inside the ring," she said.

"Boxers must know one thing - that not all of them will be as lucky as Moruti Mthalane who is a world champion at 38 years. It is high time they realise that boxing is not like teaching where one can go on until they are 65 years old before they retire. Boxing has age limits and besides that, there are dangers involved.

"The only thing we encourage boxers to do is equip themselves with academic qualifications, so that they have something to fall back on when their boxing days are over."

A businesswoman in her own right, Nomfesane said there are so many business opportunities for women than men out there.

"The leadership of Rumble African Promotions, which includes chairman Terries Ntuthu, is not only about boxing. It cannot only be about producing boxing champions but also promote education."

Meanwhile, BSA chief operations officer Cindy Nkomo has confirmed the organisation has gone digital.

This comes when they have been looking at ways which they can strengthen their communication to licensees, boxing fans and the media.

"An online system was our solution," she said.

"With the Boxing South Africa online system, our licensees will be able to create a profile and renew their licenses annually at the comfort of their homes using laptop or a hand-held device."