Dynamos club is up for sale

JULY Malabela, managing director of relegated National First Division side Dynamos, says they have resolved to sell the club's status to focus more on business.

Malabela, the younger brother of the club's chairman Pat "Co" Malabela, says they have decided to take a break from football.

Before their eventual relegation from the National First Division to the National Second Division, Dynamos had survived a similar fate by the wink of an eye through a boardroom decision two seasons ago.

"We believe that taking a short break from football will give us ample opportunity to regroup and come up with best strategies to ply our trade in the elite league. As it is clear that immediately the club is relegated to the amateur ranks all the players' contracts lapse, we are selling the status only. Prospective bidders are at liberty to contact us to negotiate a deal," Malabela said yesterday.

Those who are interested in buying the status can call July Malabela on 082-630-7133.