Harrison rages over play-offs

CHIPPA United coach Mark Harrison is raging about the format of the post-season Premier Soccer League play-offs and says that the diktat that the results of their matches are provisional is "nothing sort of a joke".

Thanda have launched a legal bid to halt the play-offs, and on Wednesday the high court instructed the league to announce before each play-off game that "the results of the fixtures are provisional, pending a finalisation of the review appeal by Thanda Royal Zulu".

This was done on Wednesday before the opening match, which ended in a goalless draw between Chippa and fellow Cape Town club Santos.

Harrison said he sought to keep his players sheltered from the uncertainty of whether the play-offs would go ahead or not.

"We haven't really spoken about it all, to be honest with you, we just prepped for the game. But then we found out before the game all that garbage about these games are provisional. These points are provisional. It's absolute rubbish. It's nothing short of of a joke. Whoever is in control needs to sort it out," said Harrison as his side prepares for tomorrow's second match in the series away at Mpumalanga Black Aces.

"There is always a problem with these play-offs but nowhere else in the world do you see this. I'm raging, absolutely raging because the players get messed around. Heads need to roll."

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