WATCH | This print publication pledges to showcase the talent of Africa’s photographers

Africa’s photographers are bursting with skill and innovation. But although the talent on the continent is undeniable, the opportunity to be visible has been minimal – until one self-taught photographer had a dazzling idea.

Born in Johannesburg, Stephanie Blomkamp spent years living and working overseas. When she returned to South Africa in 2018, Blomkamp recognised how underrepresented African photographers are on the international stage.

She yearned for a platform that exclusively showcased contemporary African photography.

And so through careful curation, she produced Oath, a publication that places the focus on emerging artists.

“From a young age, I’ve been attracted to visual things and when I got a camera as a teenager my mind was blown,” Blomkamp says.

Print publications have always been an inspiration for her, and Blomkamp’s independent photo book is presented biannually as ‘A Photography Pledge’ to acknowledge the artistry in Africa.

“We shine a light on overlooked archives,” Blomkamp says. Oath features scores of multifaceted works, allowing photographers to reshape norms. “There is a lot of diverse culture that needs to be celebrated here in Africa,” Blomkamp says.

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For some artists, like Cape Town-based photographer Bongeka Ngcobo, this is the first time seeing their photographs in print.

“It is a good platform for us to show our work, and for our stories to be heard,” Ngcobo says.

Between the crisp pages lies a powerful amalgamation of images, each telling its own unique tale.

“Oath serves as a testament to what photographers from Africa are capable of,” Blomkamp says.

Photos by Luke Doman, Micha Serraf, Souleymane Bachir Diaw, Joey Carrapichano, Jesse Navarre Vos, Diaby Kader, and Bongeka Ngcobo were used in the creation of this film.