At camp hope, kids facing hardship can experience the freedom of childhood

Children are given freedom at Camp Hope.
Children are given freedom at Camp Hope.
Image: Beautiful News.

Children facing hardships don’t get to live the carefree lives they deserve.

Dealing with disability, poverty, or illness, they are often burdened by the weight of these issues.

But at Camp Hope, kids have the opportunity to forget their worries and experience the freedom of being a child.

With the Rainbow Dreams Trust, Dannie Kagan is creating a safe space for children that is tailored to their needs.

“Our focus is on uplifting these children, taking them away for weekends, away from their daily stress,” Kagan says.

At the camp, activities are planned in consideration of the kids’ requirements. Workshops include art, yoga, dancing, drumming or fashion shows, and camp buddies are there to provide support and encouragement.

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Through the programme, children are able to increase their confidence and self-belief. “All we do is try and give these kids a good time and let them be children,” Kagan says.

Not only are these camps providing them with relief, but they are building a community of belonging as kids can socialise and bond with others facing similar circumstances.

When the children leave, they do so with the courage to conquer their challenges and pursue their dreams.

“When their life can be so dark, we can show them a lighter side,” Kagan says. “That’s why it’s magical, it just seems to work.”