WATCH | How diving into unseen depths to reveal the human impact on marine life

17 June 2021 - 07:00
By beautiful news sa

One of the most important aspects of conservation is understanding what is being protected.

But when it comes to marine life, many people have never seen what lies beneath the sea’s surface.

Zoologist Steve Benjamin is sharing photographs from the depths of the ocean to reveal the impact humans are having on these creatures.

“I have always hoped that my work helps people to appreciate the natural world and give the natural world the respect it needs,” Benjamin says.

He founded the organisation Animal Ocean where he and his team work along South Africa’s coast to capture rare images of marine life.

In particular, he focuses his lens on Cape fur seals, sevengill sharks, and African penguins.

Benjamin donates his images to organisations and researchers in order to help further conservation efforts.

Not only does he document problems like overfishing, plastic pollution, poaching, and habitat loss, but on what is being done to prevent these issues from deteriorating.

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Benjamin is also actively involved in cleaning up pollution and removing dangerous objects that could suffocate, injure, or kill marine life.

In the wake of climate change, seeing the consequences of human action is crucial to inspiring people to make a difference.

Benjamin’s work offers a unique opportunity to see marine life in a way that people may not experience for themselves.

Using the proceeds from his work as a photographer, Benjamin also contributes to conservation organisations to provide tangible support.

“My belief is that by sharing images we can truly raise awareness to protect our beautiful world and all its inhabitants,” he says.