Bicycle healthcare worker in rural Kenya saves hundreds of lives

24 December 2020 - 07:00
By beautiful news sa
Ramadahn Bakari, a volunteer healthcare worker in Kakamega County, Kenya.
Image: Beautiful News. Ramadahn Bakari, a volunteer healthcare worker in Kakamega County, Kenya.

Ramadahn Bakari has no time to waste. A volunteer healthcare worker in Kakamega County, Kenya, he’s responsible for 522 people. Diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS are widespread in rural areas.

However, poor infrastructure and remote clinics have made it nearly impossible for residents in villages to seek help.

Previously, Bakari had to travel on foot to attend to his patients. This only gave him enough daylight to reach a few homes. But that all changed with a bicycle.

With the aid of the World Bicycle Relief, Bakari is beating the sunset and reaching people in need.

Dedicated to mobilising people in developing countries, the organisation has donated buffalo bicycles to Bakari and 29 other volunteers.

The durable bikes are engineered for rugged terrain, enabling them to complete their journeys four times faster.

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Today, Bakari is able to visit up to 10 households a day.

“The mode of transport to the sick person, the facility, and to give information is now quick,” he says.

Powered by his new set of wheels, Bakari can provide his patients with vital education and support.

This has had a lasting impact on communities, helping prevent the spread of diseases and save lives.

With dusk beginning to fall, Bakari arrives home beaming with joy. “The sunset will come when I’ve finished my job,” he says.