WATCH | The story of women in animation is unfolding

In the world of animation, Africa occupies a budding space on the map. But as the continent’s storytellers emerge into the spotlight, women's voices aren't always recognised.

“Africa has many female creatives, writers, artists,” film producer Vanessa Sinden says. “But there is a shortage of opportunity.”

Drawing the line on this barrier, she’s encouraging women to own their place in the realm of imagination and technology.

Working at leading animation studio Triggerfish, Sinden produced Zambezia and Khumba, two of the highest-grossing movies in South Africa’s history.

Following on her success, Sinden is now empowering other women to craft their careers. “Instead of waiting for a seat at the table, I want women in animation to build that table for themselves,” she says.

Sinden founded African Women in Animation, a platform for collaboration and mentorship.

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Through her initiative, women are forming connections across the world, pursuing opportunities, and changing the game.

“My hope for the animation industry is that young creatives will have their projects developed, released worldwide, and our projects will be award-winning,” Sinden says.

She’s helping ensure that women’s sketches and stories aren’t suspended in frozen gestures.

Bringing these hidden figures to life, Africa’s women animators are making their mark. Through supportive communities, we can galvanise each other.