WATCH |How this seven-year-old’s hands-on solution to hygiene could save your life

Nkosana Buthelezi, making his own hand sanitiser from home.
Nkosana Buthelezi, making his own hand sanitiser from home.
Image: Beautiful News.

Nkosana Buthelezi would like you to wash your hands. When this seven-year-old learnt about COVID-19 at school, concern set in.

Then he heard reports of shops running out of hand soap. Knowing the importance of hygiene, Buthelezi was stirred into action.

“It’s important that everyone stays clean and germ-free during this time,” he says.

Filled with compassion, Buthelezi decided to help his fellow South Africans by making his own hand sanitiser from home.

Moved by his quick and kind thinking, his parents provided the capital for him to begin his entrepreneurial mission.


Buthelezi’s Kleen Handz solution includes lavender, tea tree oil, and of course alcohol, which his parents are responsible for pouring.

“I hope my sanitiser will help people because if we help each other, we’ll grow up to be strong and clean,” he says.

It takes ingenuity to solve problems within any sector, but Buthelezi’s hands-on approach is already a success – he’s sold hundreds of bottles.

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All over the world, the COVID-19 crisis is revealing resourceful and generous people.

“Being able to share with you makes me feel happy and warm and fuzzy inside,” Buthelezi says.

Demonstrating that there is no age limit on philanthropy, he joins those who are responding to difficult circumstances with compassion.

“We can do so little alone, but we can do so much together,” he says. With a big heart and even bigger ideas, Buthelezi has a future filled with promise and purpose.