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WATCH |How this royal family is the pride of Africa

Image: Beautiful News.

They’re the kings of the jungle – even though lions only inhabit grasslands. With large manes as their crowning glory and giant paws that imprint the earth, it’s no wonder they’re considered royalty. But what makes these felines so distinct from the rest?


Lions are the only big cats that display obvious sexual dimorphism. This means the majestic manes grow solely on males, who are also physically larger than females.

Despite their physical differences, all lions play a part in the pride. The males defend the group territory, which can reach up to 64 000 acres of land, by intimidating intruders.

Lionesses are the primary hunters, attacking antelopes, zebra, and other large animals to feed the pride.

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Many of their desired targets are fast and part of large herds, which is why teamwork is key.

Despite their fearless demeanour and frightening reputation, lions have a heart for family.

Their expressive behaviours, from head rubbing and licking to nuzzling and cuddling, are signs of deep affection.

As they roam the African plains of the Gondwana Game Reserve together, these cats certainly live up to their royal image.