Here is how this hair enthusiast is taking on the hair industry

02 March 2020 - 12:00
By Thango Ntwasa
Gugu Baloyi founder of LockFro products.
Image: Instagram. Gugu Baloyi founder of LockFro products.

Young entrepreneur, Gugu Baloyi has always seen hair as a form identity, fascinated by the textures, curl patterns and versatility of afro-textured hair. She often found herself in trouble t school when confronted by her dreadlocks.

“I was always in trouble in High school when I was in grade 9 because of my first set of dreadlocks, I honestly did not understand why they were against school rules and they were clean, neat and always tied up.

I later realised that it was because of the misconceptions that were associated with them back in the days.”

While her love for different hairstyles gave way for her to experiment, she quickly realised her locks and scalp were reacting poorly to chemicals and preservatives in commercial hair care products.

“I also realised, after extensive research that the African child needs more educational content on the science of African hair and the products we use,” says Baloyi.

This was when Lockfro was born, Baloyi’s mission to help future clients with their “healthy hair journey.” One of the main features of LockFro is that its products do not clog hair follicles.

While becoming a mother at 19-years-old may have been a setback that saw Baloyi take an unprecedented gap year, her son soon became the greatest motivator in her life.

Baloyi has also taken the same steadfast approach in her journey through entrepreneurship.

“I’ve learned that entrepreneurship comes with a lot of uncertainties which often lead to anxiety and depression, hence support is key,” says Baloyi, “support including financial support since there is more money that leaves daily before you can actually start seeing profits – reinvestment is key.”

While Baloyi also notes that an unstable economy can also affect her as a businesswoman, but she is unwavering towards the impact that LockFro has.

“Our aim is to build a sustainable brand and this we wish to achieve through operating a company aimed at providing safe, reliable and effective products that are able to meet the retail standards. If we are able to reach a sustainable number of loyal customers, we are able to sustain jobs and even though this might start with a small number, the positive side is knowing that a few households will enjoy the benefits of being able to go to bed with well fed.”

LockFro products can be purchased on their social media with plans to launch a new Bentonite Clair Hair Mask.