5 cool inventions made possible through studying engineering

Why engineering skills are in demand

21 January 2020 - 09:25
Start working on your engineering career with Central Technical College.
Image: Supplied/Central Technical College Start working on your engineering career with Central Technical College.

Through science and technology, engineering professionals have come up with many groundbreaking inventions that have enriched the world. We have engineers that can manufacture products, provide chemical solutions and build breathtaking structures.

Health and safety is one of many sectors to have benefited from engineering inventions. Health facilities are provided with devices and methods that save people's lives. There are also many other sectors that benefit from engineering inventions and expertise such as the logistics and mechanical industries. This is the reason engineering skills are in demand.

As an engineering graduate, you will enjoy the benefits of an exciting and challenging career ahead of you with multiple employment prospects both as an entrepreneur and employee, and one that is constantly making history.

Engineering studies equip professionals with the information and skills they need to build new products in the market and to become problem-solvers.

Students studying engineering unlock their talents and potential to discover unseen solutions. Engineering will help shape you to become an innovator, critical thinker and provider of solutions.

Here are five epic inventions created through engineering:


This new power converter allows users of renewable energy to push excess energy into the power grid. This makes solar initiatives much easier and allows homeowners to save energy.  


Computing science is becoming a practical solution, providing wearable and wireless technology solutions. Devices can now operate on a much smaller scale than ever before and interface seamlessly with the wider environment. The apps are efficient, responsive and easy to use. These products enhance the user experience, reduce costs and provide a practical method to solve many problems.

  • The technological skills you gain when you study electrical engineering empower you to invent brand-new tech creations.


This device was created to help disadvantaged people in rural areas to be aware of their heart health. Not all people have access to a health facility and can be checked by a cardiologist. Arthur Zang created the Cardio Pad in Cameroon where there are only 50 cardiologists for a population of 20 million. 

This app is distributed to medical facilities and sold to the patient. The app takes the patient’s heart reading and the results are sent to a specialist clinic in the city.


We are always breathing unclean air full of chemicals and dangerous pollutants. The air purifier creates clean air through filtering that sucks up dangerous toxins and reduces the risk for diseases. This is a way to promote a healthy air environment.


Bikers no longer have to dread carrying around heavy helmets that they have to make space for. It has been revealed that most bikers who get injured in accidents did not carry their helmets because they were too bulky to pack up. Well, the folding bike helmet is a convenient solution that bikers will love. This invention allows bikers to fold up their helmets and travel with them anywhere until needed. 

  • Through the mechanical engineering programme, you can innovate scientific materials that will make the world better, smarter and in some cases, a little more fun.

Engineering graduates have the power to be the brains behind many developments that the world is waiting to see. Start working on your engineering career with
Central Technical College. Who knows? Maybe the next great invention will be yours.

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