Global Startup Awards continue to build bridges between investors and entrepreneurs

05 July 2019 - 12:00
By Thango Ntwasa
CEO of Global Startup Awards Southern Africa, McKevin Ayaba.
Image: Supplied. CEO of Global Startup Awards Southern Africa, McKevin Ayaba.

When it comes to entrepreneurship there are a number of complications that many face, from lack of funding and support to exposure. The Global Startup Awards aim to quell this quandary by creating a platform that helps entrepreneurs with substantial backing and exposure.

As one of the largest international start-up competitions, the Global Startup Awards cover over 60 countries from as far afield as Europe and Asia. Having launched on the continent in 2017, South Africa held the first edition last year with more than 3,000 entrants from SADC countries.

The aim of the awards is to allow entrants access to human, professional and financial resources. CEO of Global Startup Awards Southern Africa, McKevin Ayaba, says that he sought to create opportunities that would create a supportive space for entrepreneurs. He then came across the Global Startup Awards which would allow him to facilitate his dream, especially in the digitised workspace.

The awards do not only give praise to entrepreneurs but have even added a best investor award. This way the relationship between investor and entrepreneur is quickly bridged to alleviate the difficulty of finding the right people to help support one’s business.

“It connects you with people who are doing similar things to yourself,” says McKevin, “as a continent we don’t collaborate and the only way we can grow the African economy is if we partner together. These awards give us the opportunity to partner with other entrepreneurs in other countries.”

This year’s Global Startup Awards will include three new categories. The first is brave founder beginnings which will be awarding migrants in the SADC region, best fashion tech will be awarding entrepreneurs in fashion, based on how well they have integrated technology or sustainability, and best media partner will be awarded to individuals or companies that have a track record in promoting entrepreneurship and technology.