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For many young South Africans, the possibility of achieving their matric certificate is a given. They have been set up for success with every educational resource and the support to do so. However, for a vast number of eager learners, this is not a reality.

The instant the matric results are released, it’s a cause for celebration and, sometimes, disappointment. The promise of hopeful matriculants applying for entry into tertiary institutions and living out their dream careers is overshadowed by the numerous learners who did not achieve a pass.

Often, these learners are discouraged and give up on the chance of ever completing high school. The stigma that surrounds learners who haven’t made the cut is a contributing factor to why more of them don’t look for opportunities that will allow them to rewrite their matric and improve their results. That’s where Damelin Correspondence College is aiming to change a shared, ingrained opinion.

Share the positivity

The most common deterrent to learners who did not achieve a matric pass on the first attempt is the negativity and embarrassment they encounter from their families and communities. It can be difficult to accept the fact that you have not lived up to the standards imposed on you, however more needs to be done to destigmatise failing on the first try. It should be viewed as an opportunity to acknowledge weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Learners should never feel as if though there are no options available to them. Matric rewrites should be normalised and viewed as an encouraging step towards self-improvement.

Challenges faced by the education system

The South African government has experienced many setbacks in providing education to underprivileged children in rural areas. From the shortage of educators to the delay in delivery of textbooks, these issues are at the forefront of a failing education system. Even in public schools in the city, the constant shifting of the curriculum, and lack of basic amenities and learning resources are contributing factors that hinder learner performance.

The circumstances surrounding weak educational progress need to be changed. More commitment is required from local government and the relevant bodies to ensure that educators are equipped to teach subjects at the level of instruction. South African youth need to feel engaged throughout their schooling in order to inspire ambition for further education.

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Support system

One of the biggest factors holding learners back from attempting matric a second time is the lack of support they expect to receive. With no additional resources, what surety do they have of a different outcome the second time around? Learners need to be aware of the options available to assist them. All Damelin Correspondence College students benefit from the academic support provided by The Academic Advising Centre. You will receive personalised attention and expert guidance on any subject you struggle with.

Have a query on how to deal with exam stress? Your adviser will even assist you with tips and techniques to set up a balanced, studying routine.

Increased employability

Undoubtedly, the most positive aspect of getting your matric certificate through correspondence is the advantage of being able to work while you study. The invaluable experience garnered through a year of work will serve to enhance your job opportunities and a matric certificate strengthens your chances at success.

Learning new skills while on the job also provides you with more time to focus on selecting a further education programme best suited to your future career opportunities. You will be able to access quality diplomas and degrees. The level of education you can achieve is endless.

An investment in your future begins with the first step in your educational goals. Damelin Correspondence College ensures that every learner has access to readily available information.

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