How to get the job and stay in it: the online platform helping employ more youth

Image: 123RF/edhar.

For the last three years, CV Desk has been making it possible for thousands of job seekers to finally get the jobs they need. Through their latest campaign #GetThatJobSA, they are making sure more people know about their life-defining service.

An entrepreneur at heart, Maggie Mbonyane was in the construction and training industry when she came across a number of job seekers who struggled with numerous challenges and a lack of support from home and support structures.  She formed CV Desk to help as people get access to job opportunities.  CV Desk offers a number of services, from CV templates to interview skills.

“I could say, roughly, we have worked on 100 plus queries and the ones that have actually gone out and did what we said they should do are getting interviews and they are getting placements,” says Mbonyane.

Businesses seeking the services of CV Desk can forward their job specification. Should a company not have one, CV Desk also helps them put one together. On a daily basis they also help different companies with their recruitment needs.

While they have scarcely been approached about how to keep jobs, Mbonyane shares her thoughts on how best to keep the job you get.

“If you want to grow in what you are doing, work towards building yourself in that industry. That means you have to get to work early, you have to complete all the tasks that they give you. If you don’t understand something you have to ask.”

To connect with the CV Desk you can find them on or WhatsApp message them on 011 886 1137.