Sow love and defeat jealousy

Gratitude begets contentment

25 April 2022 - 08:23
By Nomvelo Masango
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Image: 123RF Stock photo.

Though jealousy can suck the joy and peace out of a friendship, it does not have to. Here are five tips from experts Tshego Moholo and Fezy Thwala on how to cultivate love, support and understanding within friendships.

Know that there is enough room

Instead of being jealous of your friend’s achievements, know that there is enough room for the both of you to shine. You can both succeed.  

Draw inspiration

When a friend’s achievement is a milestone you have not reached yet, draw inspiration from that and view it as confirmation that your dreams are valid and that such things are indeed possible.

Invest in your personal development

Jealousy finds its root in insecurity and unworthiness. When you are constantly working on yourself, you are unlikely to feel as though your life is stagnant. You will also be better placed to manage emotions of jealousy and envy when they arise.

Be genuine

It is important to be authentic and real. Always show up as who you really are. This way your friends can truly accept you, flaws and all. This also enables them to support you through your struggles and insecurities.

Live in gratitude

When you are grateful for what you have and where you are in life, you are less likely to compare yourself to others and be jealous of their achievements. With gratitude comes contentment and the understanding that each person’s life is different. Be grateful and know that your time is coming.