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RECIPE: Calling all Avo lovers!

Londiwe Dlomo Journalist
Avos might be a little pricey as the crop was not as bountiful as anticipated.
Avos might be a little pricey as the crop was not as bountiful as anticipated. 
Image: 123RF/Lukas Gojda

For all those who love avocados, you’ll be happy to know that this very hardworking produce has once again found an excellent place to be added. In 2022 avos are making waves as part of delicious finger foods!

For those who don’t know the buttery, creamy green-skinned avo varieties Fuerte, Edranol, Ryan, Reed and Pinkerton are available from March until October, and the rich, nutty dark-skinned Hass, Maluma Hass and Lamb Hass avocados from March until November. These varieties are great for appetisers. But be warned, avos might be a little pricey as the crop was not as bountiful as anticipated. 

Here are two yummy recipes, Patatas Bravas (Spicy Potatoes) with Avocado creme and Ham and Avocado Croquettes to help you get your avo party on! 

Patatas Bravas (Spicy Potatoes) with Avocado creme 

Delicious Patatas Bravas (spicy Potatoes) with avocado crème for you to try at home.​
Delicious Patatas Bravas (spicy Potatoes) with avocado crème for you to try at home.​

Serves 8 — 10 as a starter / tapas


A classic tapas dish, usually served with a spicy tomato sauce. We are elevating it to superstar status with the addition of a delicious avocado creme to balance the fiery sauce. For a shortcut the homemade tomato sauce can be replaced with tomato chilli jam.


Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 50 minutes



For the sauce

•           45ml (3 tbsp) avocado or olive oil

•           1 small red onion, chopped

•           2 garlic cloves, chopped

•           1 x 410g can chopped tomatoes

•           15ml (1 tbsp) tomato purée

•           10ml (2 tsp) smoked paprika

•           1 chilli, deseeded and chopped

•           125ml (½ cup) red wine or sherry vinegar

•           Large pinch of brown sugar

•           Sea salt, to taste

•           Chopped fresh parsley, to garnish

For the potatoes

•           900g potatoes, cut into small cubes

•           30ml (2 tbsp) avocado or olive oil

•           5ml (1 tsp) smoked paprika

•           15ml (1 tbsp) mixed dried herbs

For the avocado

•           2 avocados, halved and stoned

•           30ml (2 tbsp) avocado or olive oil

•           125ml (½ cup) water


1.           For the potatoes; heat oven to 180°C. Pat the potatoes with kitchen paper to dry, then place into a roasting tin and toss with the oil and seasoning. Roast until crisp and golden, about 45 — 50 minutes, shaking the pan occasionally. 

2.           To make the sauce, heat the oil in a pan and fry the onion until soft and translucent, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic, chopped tomatoes, tomato purée, smoked paprika, chilli, vinegar, brown sugar and a grinding of sea salt. Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally then lower to a simmer and cook until thickened, about 10 minutes (Can be made ahead and refrigerated for up to 24 hours).

3.           About 10 minutes before the end of the potatoes’ cooking time, make the avocado creme. Whizz one avocado with the oil and the water until a smooth pourable consistency, adding a touch more water as necessary. 

4.           Transfer the potatoes to serving dishes and pour over the tomato sauce. Spoon over the extra diced avocado and garnish with chopped fresh parsley with the avocado creme on the side.


Ham & Avocado Croquettes 

Makes 14

Though ham is the traditional filling for these croquettes, they can also be made with chicken. Leftover roast chicken will work, though smoked chicken is preferable for the delicious smokey flavour. These tapas are more labour intensive than most other tapas recipes and require a number of steps, but the croquettes can be prepared well ahead of time and fried before serving.

 Preparation time: 15 minutes

Chilling time: 4 hours — preferably overnight

Cooking time: 50 minutes


•           1 tbsp (15ml) avocado or olive oil

•           ½ small onion, very finely chopped

•           30g butter

•           50g (100ml) cake flour

•           1 cup (250ml) milk

•           140g sliced smoked ham, diced (or smoked chicken)

•           1 tbsp (15ml) wholegrain mustard

•           1 small avocado

For the coating

•           2 large eggs

•           50g (100ml) cake flour

•           140g (about 3 cups) fine dried breadcrumbs

•           Sunflower oil, for deep frying

To serve

•           Guacamole

•           Tomato chilli jam



1.          To make the croquettes, heat the oil in a frying pan and gently fry the onion until lightly coloured, about 3 minutes. Add the butter to the onions, and once melted stir in the flour and cook for 30 seconds, stirring continuously. Gradually add the milk while stirring and cook over a low heat until thick and glossy, about 5 minutes. Stir in the ham and mustard, season to taste.

2.          Transfer into a bowl and cover the surface with cling film to stop a skin forming. Leave to cool, then chill, preferably overnight or for at least 4 hours. The mixture needs to be very stiff to form the croquette’s shape. Before shaping the croquettes, peel and stone the avocado, and cut into small cubes. Gently mix avocado cubes into the béchamel ham mixture.

3.          To shape the croquettes, take a heaped teaspoon of the mixture and, with wet hands, roll into 14 small oval shapes and set aside on a tray. Beat the eggs in a shallow bowl, put the flour on a plate and half the breadcrumbs in a bowl. Roll each of the croquettes lightly in flour, then in egg before coating in breadcrumbs. Place on a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Use the remaining breadcrumbs to top up the bowl halfway through the coating process. Chill for 30 minutes. (*See Cook’s Tip below.)

4.          To fry the croquettes, fill a large saucepan one-third full of sunflower oil and heat to 180°C or heat the oil in an electric deep-fat fryer. Do not overheat and do not leave hot oil unattended. Using a metal slotted spoon, lower 6 croquettes into the oil and cook until golden brown, about 90 seconds. Transfer to a baking tray lined with kitchen paper to absorb excess oil and continue cooking the remaining croquettes. Serve with guacamole and chilli jam for dipping.

Cook’s Tip:

You can freeze the croquettes at this stage for up to one week. To serve fry from frozen.