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Mo’ustache, mo’ problems

This season sees the comeback of the much-debated moustache — a rather contentious sub-culture within the beard gang that has the world divided

Nokubonga Thusi Beauty editor
Image: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

It’s no secret that the seemingly global obsession with becoming a member of the beard gang has opened up new avenues in the world of grooming.

This season sees the comeback of the much-debated moustache — a rather contentious sub-culture within the beard gang that has the world divided.

Gents, if we’re being honest — it’s not easy to pull off a moustache; in fact, some may even say it has the potential to drop a man’s cool factor by a landslide. Somewhere between creepy stranger and old-school 1970s aesthetic lies the confusing love for the good ol’ stache. It is paradoxically cool in its uncoolness.

Male celebrities have been championing this cool-uncool trend in recent years, with pop-culture icons such as Michael B Jordan, Idris Elba, The Weeknd, and Childish Gambino all letting their moustaches take centre stage.

With Movember coming up, we anticipate that gents are already starting to grow out an impressive sample. If you’re thinking about joining the Moustache Gang, we have the tips you need to choose the best style for your face shape and keep it looking fresh.

Image: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

Trending: Stache styles to try

We know things can get quite crazy and conceptual (hello, Dali), but we’re highlighting the easy-to-achieve natural styles that you need to know.

The lampshade

Celebrities such as Eddie Murphy champion this style, which is most easily recognisable by its rounded triangle or trapezoid shape. It is kept in line with the corners of the mouth, and it’s important to keep it neat, groomed, and completely off the top lip.

The pencil

This style is quickly becoming the most popular one to rock this season and can be spotted on celebrities such as Michael B Jordan. Commonly associated with retro film stars, it is trimmed very thin and straight along the upper lip, the same length as the corners of the mouth, sitting just above the upper lip. Due to the precise size and shape of this style, it does require a lot of grooming with trimmers and clippers to maintain its shape.

Image: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

The beardstache

If you’re dabbling in the moustache camp but still like being part of the beard gang, this one is for you. One of the cooler moustache styles and perfect for those apprehensive about rocking a solo ’stache, this is a full moustache combined with some beard stubble, but with the moustache still quite prominent.

The handlebar

This is a grooming masterpiece — a moustache with a lot of thickness in the centre that extends past the corners of mouth and has twisted-up ends that look like bike handlebars. The key is to keep this style neatly trimmed and use moustache wax to style the ends and curl them up towards the cheeks.

The horseshoe

We associate this moustache with bikers and pro wrestlers, so if you have the confidence (and facial hair) for this bold style, we suggest you go for it. It has an upside-down U shape that connects to two vertical strips of growth on the cheeks, running parallel to the mouth. The key is to grow a full beard to your desired thickness and then shave off a soul patch, mutton chops (sides of the beard), and goatee to create the shape.

Image: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

7 Ways to: Care for your moustache

  1. Once you have decided which moustache shape and style is for you, it’s important to keep it neatly groomed and looking healthy.
  2. Moustaches are notorious for collecting dirt, sweat, and food particles, so it’s important to keep them clean. Use a beard wash to gently cleanse facial hair and take care of the skin underneath. You can add the extra step of using a face scrub to slough off any dead skin cells or remaining dirt.
  3. Add a beard conditioner after cleansing to help keep hair soft and make detangling easier, if need be.
  4. Apply a beard oil to coat the hair with nourishing oils. Brush through with a wooden comb to work the oils through each strand. A comb is also useful when working moustache wax evenly through the hair.
  5. Trim your moustache regularly to maintain its shape. Keep a pair of moustache scissors handy to ensure the areas around your moustache and lip edges are kept tidy. Regularly trimming unruly facial hair will result in a more groomed look, and the hair will appear healthier.
  6. Never trim a moustache when it’s wet, as hair tends to hang lower then, so you may cut the wrong length or trim too much off.
  7. Use a moustache wax or beard wax that’s suitable for use on moustaches to keep your chosen shape in place. If you have a handlebar moustache, apply a small amount of wax between the index finger and thumb and use this to gently twist and roll the moustache ends into the classic shape.