Acting is not an extramural activity to me, it's a profession – Dumisani Mbebe

Actor ready to embody pastor Bororo character in new film

Masego Seemela Online journalist
Dumisani Mbebe speaks about his new role as shady Pastor Bororo.
Dumisani Mbebe speaks about his new role as shady Pastor Bororo.
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Dumisani Mbebe brings “dzaddy” energy to every role he plays and he doesn't mind such a label as long as his craft is also appreciated. 

The Savage Beauty actor has earned the “dzaddy” title, especially on social media, joining Mdu Masilela, Zolisa Xaluva, Lucas Radebe and Doctor Khumalo.

“People will always say what they want to say on social media. What I take away from being considered a heart-throb is the acknowledgment and appreciation people have for me,” Mbebe said

“I have a colleague’s daughter who religiously watches the shows I’m on, on Netflix. Apparently, I’m the go-to-dad based on the roles I have there. So, if that’s what it takes, then I’m happy.”

Mbebe's career spans more than 25 years with some of his notable roles on Generations, Backstage, Rhythm City, Inkaba, Isono and How to Ruin Love. 

He is next set to star in a new film, The Bad Bishop, where he will play pastor Bororo – described as a shady man of God.

“I hate it when people think that acting is an extramural activity, it’s more than that. To people like me, it’s a profession. It’s one of the hardest jobs ever,” he said. 

“The title of the new film simply explains itself. It had me saying and asking myself how I’ll wear this new dodgy character who believes all he is doing is right and has valid reasons to back himself.

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“I had to strip myself off and detach from who I am as a person because I don’t believe in religion. Despite my stance against religion, I made sure to respect the role and reflect all the bad that is often found within religion.”

Playing a shady character isn’t something new to Mbebe as his very first TV role was embodying bad boy Shakes on Backstage

“My very first role was a theatre production called Giants where I acted alongside Kgomotso Christopher. We were so young then and full of life,” he said. 

“I then got my first TV role as Shakes when Backstage was still based in Cape Town. He was such a dodgy character who was one of Duke's [Carlo Radebe] gambling associates. 

“It feels like a full circle moment in a sense where I had to act bad as Shakes and now pastor Bororo who I fear because I respect what it took to bring him alive just like I did with Shakes. I can’t wait to see and hear people’s views on this shady pastor and religion in itself.” 

Mbebe was born and bred in Nqamakwe, Eastern Cape. He holds a performance diploma in theatre and a master's degree in drama and acting from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama that he obtained in 2000. 

“All I remember from the two years I spent in Scotland was loneliness. I missed home quite a lot and would often get tired of communicating in English. I knew when I was done with my master's that I had to come back and make a name for myself here,” he said. 

“We’re talking about close to 26 years of acting but strange enough. It doesn’t feel like that to me... it feels like I just started acting yesterday. 

“The wonderful thing about what I do is that there’s always something new. A new character to embody which makes the years pass by quicker.”

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