Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana continue to prove that love isn't dead

Music power couple in tune with each other as best friends

Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy share their love story.
Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy share their love story.
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“Love, prayer and music” are the three words that define house music DJ Lamiez Holworthy and rapper Khuli Chana’s love story.

In addition, the couple credits “being friends first” as the foundation to their marriage. 

Holworthy and Chana celebrated their third wedding anniversary yesterday.

“He was supposed to propose at the beachfront but he lost my ring. I could see he was very nervous but he kept on insisting that we take a walk to the beach. He had champagne, the works," Holworthy recalled the moment Chana popped the question.

"He looked super stressed but I got frustrated because it started raining and I didn’t understand why we were there because he wasn’t saying anything. Little did I know that he was looking for the ring he hid and misplaced.

“We were then forced to go back to the room. After a while he then found it, I was on the bed, the next thing I see is him down on one knee. I don’t even remember what he said because I was crying so much. To me was one of our most special moments."

Speaking to SMag on the set of an upcoming TV special about the coming together of lovers, friends and family, the couple explained that over the years their bond has grown stronger.

“I love that she treats me like her doll, always dressing me up. I also love how we both enjoy listening to music but more importantly how at ease I am with her. I really can’t wait to give her a baby and extend our family,” Chana said.

As much as their fans look up to them as a power couple and have described them as "the real definition of black love", Holworthy holds that their relationship is just normal like anyone else.

“I’m not trying to be anyone’s goals. People need to realise that we’re human just like anyone else. We’re just trying to figure this life thing out together. I’m not trying to sell anything to anyone,” Holworthy said.

“Black love is having two people who have had the odds against them choose each other and choose to do amazing things together, they are two people who choose to live their best lives and change lives in that process over and over – that is how I would define our black love.”

Image: Supplied.

Chana added that while their relationship is constantly under the spotlight, they never put any kind of pressure on each other to always lead by example.

"There are certain ways to move in the industry and spaces without bringing any unwanted attention to our relationship," Chana said.  

“By the virtue of being public figures, we’re constantly being put under pressure but because we have made a conscious decision that we’re normal people at home, and not celebrities, our foundation is family orientated as we strive to set a good example to our daughter."

With their busy schedules, the couple strives to bring a balance to their relationship and time for each other with Chana giving credit to his mother-in-law. He says she is the one that holds them down.

“We have a rule to just always come to the middle, I mean it used to worry me in the beginning whether we’d have time for each other but I’m glad we’ve found a balance,” Chana said.

Holworthy on the other hand touched on how she felt not waking up next to her man due to work commitments.

"I'm really blessed that we both understand each other’s workspaces and what we do," Holworthy said.

"The one thing that works in our favour is that we made a conscious decision to dedicate as much time to each other– we have just one day in the week that belongs to us, where we spend time together."

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