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Melody Molale tackles some hot topics on Bernini’s YouTube series

Bernini steps up to support women empowerment

In conversation with entrepreneur Melody Molale.
In conversation with entrepreneur Melody Molale.
Image: Supplied/Bernini

The team behind Bernini, SA’s most-loved real, natural sparkling grape frizzantè, is back with The Squadcast, a platform for open, honest conversation with confident, empowered women who live life with style, strength, flair and purpose. These phenomenal women share their professional journeys and their personal experiences on the road to success, along with insight and advice regarding topics that affect women and their lives.   

First launched as a podcast series during Women’s Month in 2020, The Squadcast is now being presented as engaging YouTube video content, reaching millions of women across SA. For the first time, audiences have a view of guests and the infectious energy they bring to each conversation.

The first episode of the YouTube series kicked off on National Women’s Day on August 9, with new host Penny Lebyane in the driving seat. This spirited conversation focusing on feminism and women’s rights is accessible on YouTube here. 

The theme for the second episode of The Squadcast is media and social media. Lebyane will once again be joined by her influential squad of phenomenal women to discuss hot topics such as “cancel culture: is it a positive thing?” and “why being an influencer is a real job”. This episode will be available on September 5.

Popular TV presenter and entertainment personality Roxy Burger; entrepreneur and founder of Agenda Women Nomndeni Mdakhi; and entrepreneur, image consultant and digital content creator Melody Molale are the phenomenal women joining Lebyane in conversation. These are all glam, successful women from the entertainment and broader business industries who hustle in sparkling style, yet always make time to support the women in their lives.

Bernini’s YouTube series ‘The Squadcast’.
Bernini’s YouTube series ‘The Squadcast’.
Image: Supplied/Bernini

We spoke to Melody Molale about how she navigates being a woman entrepreneur and influencer, how she juggles the many roles she takes on, and her insights on how the media and social media landscape affects the lives of women.

How did your career begin and to what do you attribute your success?

My journey started many years ago, soon after I graduated. I was offered a position as junior account executive at a PR agency. Though I appreciated the opportunity to work, I always knew my passion was fashion. The challenge was figuring out where and how to start. There weren’t many opportunities in the industry at the time and there weren’t a lot of outlets to showcase your fashion.

When I stumbled across blogging, it became that outlet for me and that’s where my  content creation journey began. It grew over the years as more platforms became available and accessible. Instagram was the first platform that made it possible to monetise my passion. Over the years, the biggest challenge has been convincing brands to invest in influencer marketing, because when I started out it was still a new phenomenon.

How have you managed to stand up to a world that tends to stereotype women into one-dimensional roles?

I think the world is more open and accepting of the working woman today, but struggles and challenges still exist: women are still stereotyped according to certain gender roles in and out of the workplace. I am grateful to the women that came before me, who fought to break some of those stereotypes. I am able to do what I do because of them. I stand up by not conforming to any of the stereotypes and continuing to push boundaries. 

What are some of the topics you and other guests discuss on The Squadcast?

We speak about cancel culture in the industry, whether it builds or destroys, and how it can be done more constructively. We also touch on the importance and necessity of representation in the media, which I think will be insightful. We discuss whether it’s possible to have a thriving career as a social media influencer in SA. All the topics are really interesting and eye-opening, and the conversation is empowering.

What’s your take on how cancel culture affects women in the spotlight?  

At times cancel culture does seem to be harsher on women, which is really unfortunate. If cancel culture is about holding individuals accountable, then it should be applied fairly across the board.

How important are the women in your life and why?

They have helped shape the woman that I am today — my mother especially. She is my biggest influence and supporter. Not only did she instil in me a good work ethic, but also showing kindness to others in general.

What does it mean to you personally to be part of The Squadcast?  

It means a lot to be able to lend my voice to such important issues that affect women on a daily basis. The conversations are necessary and it’s great that Bernini is shining a spotlight on them and keeping the movement going.

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