3 Delicious ways to eat a burger that doesn’t involve the usual bun

Here's how you can enjoy a bun-less burger.
Here's how you can enjoy a bun-less burger.
Image: Burger King. Picture: Supplied.

There’s nothing like enjoying a homemade classic burger, but what’s even better is switching things up and trying out a bun-free alternative that’s equally as delicious.

A life indoors seems to be what we’re accustomed to these days, hence there’s no harm in going beyond the bun and beef with these three creative takes of the much loved classic burger.

Although a traditional burger that’s off the grill remains unmatched, one thing you can’t do is restrict yourself to this one recipe when there are so many other tasty alternatives that you can enjoy this savoury grilled meal filled with juicy toppings.

Here are three ways to enjoy a burger sans bun:


Swap the bun for a pita

To make a tasty Greek Turkey Burger, you would need a seasoned ground turkey mixture that’s packed with juicy ingredients such as the Worcestershire sauce, parsley, and Dijon mustard. You will then roll the mixture into small patties.

With regards to this bun-free burger, the smaller details are what really drive the Greek flavour profile home and the finale being a drizzle of lemon-yoghurt sauce, a dash of hummus, crunchy slices of cucumber, and the round of soft, pocket-less pita.


Lettuce it

This unique recipe that's actually enhanced by a lettuce wrap is immensely flavour infused.

The refreshing crunch of lettuce filled with a few punchy, yet tasty ingredients such as the Thai red chillies, lemongrass, and fish sauce gives you the best-seasoned taste that’s worth every bite.  




It’s the crunch in the crispy burger

If crispy is what you prefer when it comes to your burger, a Pinto Bean Burger will most definitely be for you.

The burger is known for pulling out all the stops for textural appeal, from the toasted almonds, panko breadcrumbs, to the egg topping– this plant-based burger has an overall satisfyingly crunchy as an outer shell.

This savoury meal proves how there is no need for a bun in order to enjoy a burger meal.