'Blood & Water' star Thabang Molaba's island getaway

Thabang Molaba takes over the Maldives.
Thabang Molaba takes over the Maldives.

Actor Thabang Molaba looks to be having a pretty reflective time on his current getaway.

The Blood & Water actor has taken time away from his busy schedule to celebrate his life and introspect on the things he has achieved.

He shared a video of himself on Instagram where he can be seen enjoying the clear island water.

Molaba opened up about attending therapy for three months and how that has changed his outlook.

In an emotional post, the actor wrote, “I started this year with an emotionally compelling reason to begin therapy. Three months of therapy, inner work, a life coach, daily action, self-improvement videos and books later…

"I’ve experienced drastically immense growth, happiness and understanding, not only of myself but about life in general. I’ve stopped operating from a fearful state, people-pleasing, playing it safe and merely surviving.”

Molaba added that since his therapy he has tapped into a “healthy divine masculine and have started operating from a state of abundance, by being decisive, intentionally creating my life, and going for what I want as long as it doesn’t inflict pain or hurt on anybody.”

Since realising the potential he possessed, the hunk of an actor said, “I’ve never been better. I’ve never been happier”, to claim the blessings that lie ahead.