Enhance your look with these locally made earrings

Image: 123RF/Neonshot

No outfit is complete without a pair of earrings because they are a great way to enhance any outfit and to draw attention to your face.

SA has amazing creative entrepreneurs who are selling some of the best earrings on the market. The art of wearing earrings lies in understanding which type of earrings complement the shape of your face and your clothing.

When choosing a pair, you also need to consider the length of your hair and neck as well as colour and design. Finding the perfect pair of earrings to spruce up your outfit does not have to be difficult because we are spoilt for choice.

Whether you are looking for simple, dramatic, elegant or artistic earrings, the choices are endless. We are big on buying local and supporting small businesses, so here are some locally made earrings to consider when looking for your next pair of statement earrings.


If you like beautifully shaped and designed earrings, then this is your spot. The magic in these earrings is in their unique designs that mostly come in a gold colour.


This is where to find colourful beaded or hand-painted earrings with an African or traditional aesthetic.

You can even get accessories like necklaces and bangles to match.


Here you will find earrings with an artistic flair, from beaded earrings to shoelaces or shell ones.

There are loads of earrings to choose from and they mostly come in bright colours.


This is where you go if you are looking for Afrocentric gold coloured earrings with shells and unique designs.


These handmade earrings look like wearable art because of the design and colour combinations with different geometric shapes and patterns.