Cassper Nyovest drops much-awaited sneaker

South African musician and entrepreneur Cassper Nyovest has revealed his first sneaker with Drip Footwear.
South African musician and entrepreneur Cassper Nyovest has revealed his first sneaker with Drip Footwear.
Image: Supplied/Samsung

After having to postpone his initial Root Of Fame event due to the implementation of Level 4 by President Cyril Ramaphosa two weeks ago, hip hop heavyweight and entrepreneur Cassper Nyovest has finally dropped his much-awaited sneaker in partnership with Drip Footwear.

The hip hop star left his fans in a state of frenzy on Thursday night when he streaming live on social media platforms and his YouTube channel to give them a first look at his original sneaker called the Root of Fame .990 that he launched with the footwear’s chief executive officer Lekau Sehoana.

Last month, we saw Cassper taking on the shoe market with a R100 million partnership with the local footwear brand owner in what they call a “Legacy Deal.”

Not only did the two businessmen release their collaboration sneaker, but they also put a 240-metre square banner on the tallest building in Africa, The Leonardo situated in Johannesburg, where they signed the Legacy Deal.

“At the beginning of lockdown, I found myself at home, feeling useless as I was stuck in my house and I was in the weirdest place. I used to be celebrated everywhere I go and get paid to just show up at venues. Now I'm stuck in my house with no fans, just family," he said.

“My fame didn’t matter for the first time in my life it was useless. I then asked myself how I can package this fame and sell it. I had to make a product that not only is associated with my name but gives people a taste of how it feels to be me. I had to dig deep into the roots, hence the name The Root Of Fame', the rapper explained.

Speaking on how they came up with the name of the sneaker, the aspiring billionaire explained that it held much more significance than many would think. “The 990 comes from 1990, which is the year I was born. I was born on the 16th of December 1990 and the reason why we moved the one is because I’m the one!” he remarked.

The sneaker comes in two colours: the black salmon and the off-white salmon. It will be available to fans at all Drip Footwear stores across the country on 16 July, and is also available for preorder on the Drip Footwear website.