Six trends you need to know in the world of male grooming

Bring sexy back with these grooming tips.
Bring sexy back with these grooming tips.
Image: Tristan Fewings, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Chanel & supplied.

The idea that men can check into a spa for a pamper day or just take a lunch break to get their nails shaped up hasn’t always been a norm.

For some, it seems totally foreign as spas and salons are reserved for women.

Especially in South Africa — where men are sent solo up mountains to find their manhood, rated on their braaiing prowess, and judged on their knowledge of contact sport — is the idea of entering a spa even acceptable?”

As proper grooming practices have become more mainstream and the cosmetic industry has started offering more product options, grooming experiences, and information, men have more reason to spend on themselves and their appearance.

Thankfully, it seems that the world has become more fluid and, dare we say it, accepting, of men developing a new grooming culture.

This culture includes going to the spa, paying attention to the types of skincare products they use (not just relying on that all-in-one bar of soap), getting regular haircuts at the barber, or a quick shape and buff at the nail salon.

Here are six upward aesthetic trends you need to know in the world of male grooming:

  1. Bro-tox: Botox or “bro-tox” is popular for smoothing unwanted fine lines in a matter of minutes, though some men prefer increasing collagen production through the use of a micro-needling treatment.
  2. Manscaping or waxing: Shoulders, back, brow and groin area — internationally they’re having it all taken off.

  3. Facials: Most spas now offer male-specific facials to combat ingrown hairs and other issues specific to men’s skin.

  4. Manis and pedis: Men can no longer get away with ungroomed hands and feet — the days of crusty heels and dark stained nails are over.

  5. Collagen-induction therapy: Also known as micro-needling, this process damages the skin in a controlled way so that the skin can heal itself by using new collagen cells.

  6. PRP: Many men experience baldness or partial hair loss due to various health conditions. PRP treatment works by injecting your own blood plasma into the scalp. The plasma contains proteins and nutrients that can assist with hair regrowth.

This article first appeared in the March 2021 print edition of S Mag.