Are crop tops the new tank tops for men’s workouts?

Instagram's fashion police are all over Siya Kolisa right now.
BENCHMARK Instagram's fashion police are all over Siya Kolisa right now.
Image: Supplied

Siya Kolisi’s name is constantly on people's lips. So when he stepped out in a crop top during a workout session, the socials rightfully went crazy.

But what exactly is this garment and is it any good for your workout?

Before all you gents run to the tween aisle at your nearest retailer to get Kolisi’s game on, you might want to know a little more about his new workout gear.

To keep his fitness on point, he was working out in innovative outerwear from fitness technology company STATSports. One of its key tools to ensure athletes perform optimally is its GPS performance tracker, which Kolisi was wearing.

Known as the Apex Vest, the garment is connected to the user’s phone and gives a real-time account of their fitness performance. The “vest” has been used by a number of sports stars, including French footballer Paul Pogba.

The 1990s saw many men rocking skimpy, cropped items that would raise a few eyebrows today, but with more of them taking gender-bender risks with their wardrobes, it will be interesting to see if there’s a shake-up in workout gear departments.

Comedian Mpho Popps elicited much laughter from fans when he copied the look in a pink crop top with hot-pink bottoms. This is not the first time Popps has emulated the sportsman and evoked a response.. On Twitter, Mr Price put him on blast for attempting to match leisure shirts and shorts.

“If you want to look like your hero, you must be willing to train like your hero,” said the comedian in his Instagram post.

This article was adapted from one that appeared on Sunday Times Daily.