Boity has launched a new 'ready-to-drink' alcopop, but is it worth R120 for the four-pack?

Boity has launched a ready-to-drink sparkling beverage, BT Signature.
Boity has launched a ready-to-drink sparkling beverage, BT Signature.
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The secret is finally out! Boity has launched yet another venture, with the multi-hyphenate media personality announcing that she will be entering the ready-to-drink (RTD) market with her alcopop offering, BT Signature.

The beverage is positioned as a “premium, superior-tasting sparkling fruit beverage, created for individuals also making their mark on the world.”

Conceptualised in 2019, the lightly sparkling drink was created in conjunction with winemaker Matthew Krone (of the Krone family), who has been in the industry for several years.

Of the collaboration, Boity said: “Matthew is bringing the craft that he’s honed over decades to help create something that has been missing in this vibrant market—an elegant and uplifting RTD beverage that fits perfectly into the modern consumer lifestyle.”

With a bevy of bottled alcoholic beverages lining the supermarket shelves, BT Signature enters a somewhat congested, and fiercely contested segment. Boity however, feels confident that her offering will be a welcome addition.

“With everything else that I have experienced in the market, I feel that most of the time, a lot of these have artificial sweeteners [which] leaves a weird aftertaste. Most of the time, you feel like you can’t have more than two because it’s too sweet or uncomfortable on the palate,” she says.

She hopes the use of natural grape and apple flavouring instead of artificial sweeteners will offer consumers something more palatable. “It’s also created like how a wine is created, the process…giving it a crisp and high quality taste. I feel like we have hit the sweet spot.”

The peach flavour of the frizzante (not a cider due to the manner in which it is produced) was inspired by a bit of nostalgia, and her love for the colour. “Peach represents happiness for me. It’s one of my favourite colours. It makes me feel good. My memories of peach are always attached to happy moments. Even when I was younger, stealing peaches next door…it’s just a fun, refreshing flavour.”

The range is also available in a non-alcohol variant, something that was partly inspired by the unpredictable lockdown restrictions on alcohol. She also wants to reach a wider consumer base. “We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it. If you’ve had the alcoholic, and non-alcoholic, they kind of taste the same. Just that the one has alcohol.”

The new kid on the block is set to retail at R120 for a four-pack. But is it worth the price tag? We tried it out.

Boity's new venture into the alcohol industry, BT Signature.
Boity's new venture into the alcohol industry, BT Signature.
Image: Supplied


The packaging is pretty standard in as far as what you see on the shelves. The peach, white and silver labelling with a peach cut-out in the middle is cute enough to catch and please consumer's eyes. Where it does fall short, is with a pretty lackluster silver-grey, non-twist bottle cap that takes away from what is positioned as a premium brand.


The frizzante does hit the spot, especially when served chilled, with the taste not being too sweet like many of the alcopops on the market. The peach aromas definitely come through (apparently overlaid with nectarine), and we imagine you would have to have a few before suffering the feeling of being bloated, which can be a bit more instant with some of the other competitors. While there is an aftertaste, it is not overpowering, making for a welcome addition to the RTD segment. The non-alcoholic version is a tad sweeter (probably because of the lack alcohol) but still makes for easy drinking.


The jury is out on this one. BT Signature is a worthy contender on the market, but it also does come in a bit pricier than other RTDs. While one does have to keep the quality of the product in mind in as far as the production process, it is not necessarily an outright winner when you consider that a four-pack will set you back R 120. We’d still definitely suggest giving it a try as it is fresh and tasty. The non-alcoholic is probably the bigger reach at R99.95 for a four-pack.

BT Signature will be available to purchase at Shoprite LiquorShop stores countrywide from today.