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Ms Cosmo on fitness & eating clean

Ms Cosmo talks all things fitness.
Ms Cosmo Ms Cosmo talks all things fitness.
Image: Austin Malema

Susceptible to living her life under the spotlight where people often judge celebrities based on their looks and body image, DJ and radio personality Nonqaba Rwaxa popularly known as “Ms Cosmo” has explained how she uses such negativity as a tool to stay fit and healthy.  

Since having to align herself back to normalcy after a very tough 2020, Rwaxa has narrated how sport, exercise and fitness have been playing a major role in her life since childhood.

“I’ve been a fit person most of my life, I played sport pretty much since I was very young. In primary school I [did] gymnastics, and played  netball in high school. I also did cheerleading and athletics – so from that perspective – it has always been my thing to always stay fit.

“So, you know, outside of high school once you get into varsity it becomes a bit of a slump, so I got myself involved in action netball, which I’ve been doing since my tertiary years and I still play  even now. I’m even a part of a new team which is really exciting, we push each other quite often to stay fit enough for our games.”

Action netball, also known as indoor netball, is played indoors in a court completely surrounded by a net, including overheads, to prevent the ball leaving the court so that the action continues uninterrupted. It is played by teams of seven players, all-female or all-male or mixed.

 Rwaxa revealed she also spends a lot of  time at the gym with her personal trainer.

“Outside of my netball team, I also go to the gym. I started with a personal trainer two years ago, but I didn’t really train much last year due to lockdown, but I’m glad to be back at the gym.”

Not only is Rwaxa focused on her body goals, but she has also enforced a clean and healthy eating plan as part of her lifestyle.

“I have been eating clean and being a little bit more aware of what I put into my body and having a good workout in between so that I can keep myself intact, especially when you grow a little bit older it becomes a little bit harder to stay in shape.

Rwaxa explained that her fitness exercise routine comprises a lot of cardio, mainly roadrunning, cycling and sport.

“Typically, I go to the gym like four or five times a week; even though it’s a little bit difficult to tackle work and going to the gym, but I try to at least go to gym at a minimum of three times but a maximum of four, depending also on my energy.

“But that’s just going physically to workout at the gym. I also then play action netball after hours. So, action netball is usually in the evening and that’s where I usually am able to get the work in.”    

Rwaxa highlighted the reason behind her constantly keeping fit stems from the subtle pressure people put on public figures on how they look and carry themselves.  

“Fitness is important obviously to keep fit and look good and being in an industry where people are always looking at how you look like, and how you’re keeping yourself together. So, also, fitness helps as a stress reliever with lockdown being so tough on a lot of us as artists, it also just helps to go to the gym and let out a bit of emotion or whatever it is that you were piling up.”