Ayanda Thabethe reveals her 'twin'

TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe introduces her virtual twin, iYanda.
TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe introduces her virtual twin, iYanda.
Image: Oupa Bopape/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Celebs are known for celebrating their birthdays in style, and one person who made sure, was Ayanda Thabethe.

In honour of her 36th birthday, the TV personality showed us how the digital age is fully in swing when she introduced fans to her virtual twin, iYanda. 

While Kim Kardashian-West was one of the very first public figures to launch her own personalised emoji five years ago, Thabethe has taken things to a whole new level with her virtual twin. 

While the "twin"has been made much to her likeness, Thabethe was quick to point out that her artificial equivalent has a life of her own.

"Can’t wait for you to see what she gets up to..." she teased her fans and followers. 

Thabethe now joins a group of other Virtual Human Influencers (VI's), such as Lil'Miquela, Shudu, Bermuda and Kim Zulu.

Thabethe is one of two from Africa, the other being the country's first virtual model Kim Zulu. 

Thabethe's virtual twin is a collaboration between she and the co-creators of SA's first virtual model Kim Zulu called The Avatar Company.

The collaboration is set to see the star work hand in hand with the fictional character company in the real and virtual world to bring fashion and charitable projects to life in the physical and cyber world.