'SA's Brow Queen' gives us her top tips on achieving the perfect arch

Image: Benoît Peverelli/Chanel

As much as our brows are the most definitive feature on our faces, they are also ever-changing and updating your brow game never hurts.

Known as SA’s Brow Queen, Unaiza Suliman, founder of Uniq Brows, has been in the brow game for over a decade and boasts a track record of over half a million brows and counting that she has touched.

Having recently opened a flagship store in Sandton City, it was only fitting that we get the lowdown on everything there is to know about brows from Suliman herself.

In your opinion, what are the 3 qualities that all great brows have? Firstly, symmetry is key. A good brow has equal fans in the beginning, arches are the same height and the tails are equal in length. The key to a perfect brow is not how thick it is but how much hair it has in order for it to be styled in any manner, so volume is key at Uniq Brows. We design any brow from a fluffy brow to an ombre brow as well as a defined brow.

What are three brow products you cannot live without? My three holy grail products have to be the Uniq Brows Soap Brows, the HiBrow FX pencil and the Uniq Brows Growth Serum.

Your top tips for finding out what brow shape best suits your face? It is our philosophy to map an eyebrow based on the golden ratio; working with the morphology of one’s face we can create the perfect brow on the imperfect face. An incorrect shape and placement of the arch can make you look angry, discerning and selective, the correct shape can make you look softer and create an illusion of a youthful appearance.

Unaiza Suliman, founder of Uniq Brows
Unaiza Suliman, founder of Uniq Brows
Image: Supplied

For women with very sparse brows who are looking for a fuller brow look, what are some of the tips or hacks you can share for achieving this look professionally or at home? For anyone suffering with sparse eyebrows, our growth serum is highly recommended as this is going to grow the hairs that are needed to make a fuller brow. I also recommend going for a henna spa tint as the henna tint stains the skin giving the appearance of a fuller eyebrow.

What are the common brow mistakes you have come across in your experience and how should we avoid them? Brows are not DIY! Quick fixes are a no. Stay true and loyal to your brow technician. Their work is true to them and you won’t find someone that threads the way your technician does; always do research on your micro-blading technician to prevent botched eyebrows. Cheap eyebrows aren’t nice and nice eyebrows aren’t cheap. Always ask to see before and after pictures.

What are the brow trends currently on your radar? The au natural fluffy brow, especially lockdown recovery brows. People have grown out their brows to suit the soap brow trend which we call the pandemic brow and that’s how our Uniq Soap Brows were born to maintain those bushy brows.

What is one brow trend you wish never makes a comeback? Definitely the bird brow trend (a solidly filled in, thick, dark brow) is something we do not like; we live for the au natural fluffy brow.

Soap brows have become the most loved brow style, especially on Instagram. In your expert opinion, what are your thoughts on the soap brow, are you a fan and do you think it is here to stay? Our Soap Brows was born during the lockdown to assist those with unruly brows. Soap brows are an oldie but a goodie and it’s become very popular among drag queens as they used this to mimic the shape of a fuller brow. The soap we made is formulated with activated charcoal, and it has a black tint to give the brow a “natural tint”. I love the soap brows trend; it’s the best post-recovery brow trend.