Tumi Morake shows love to her body with heartfelt letter

Tumi Morake
Image: Supplied

Defying the odds of trying to fit into the "perfect look" as a celebrity, comedian and actress Tumi Morake has decided to show her full figure body much needed love and motivation. 

The actress took to Instagram and penned an emotional letter to her body, coupling it with a snap of herself looking happy and radiant.

"Dear My Body, babes, we are quite heavy again, we are a bit battered, but we are getting better. We’ll be back. Trust. For now, let’s enjoy the glow and the blonde and the beating heart that’s fighting back."

The comedian proceeded to proclaim her love and admiration for her "chubby-wubby" figure, stating how no matter who says what she's comfortable with how she looks. 

"I love you ne my chubby-wubby, my hug me tightly. My comfortable delight, my seasonal yellow always mellow. I know there’s still plenty of mileage left in you yet! Love you stoko sa ga Mpho."

While journeying on the body positivity trip, Tumi earlier this month touched on the importance of laughter during these trying times in which many people are losing their loved ones at an alarming rate. 

"Laughter has saved my sanity over the years. It’s good for you. Have a laugh. In these dark and uncertain times, light filtering in through a crack makes a difference. And I’ve laughed through some deep pain, I tell you."