Four mental health apps to help with your wellbeing

07 January 2021 - 00:00
By Nokubonga Thusi
Image: Image: 123RF / georgerudy

Depression and anxiety is a serious issue that is spiking, worldwide, at the moment.

Keep a sane head on your shoulders with these mental health apps to soothe and help you woo-sahhh.

1. Smiling Mind 

A brilliant, free app that doesn’t have that annoying problem of in-app purchases. Smiling Mind offers meditation sessions for dealing with anxiety or just better good night’s rest.

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2. Calm

Keep calm and meditate with the Calm app that will help you practice mindfulness and stillness if your world is feeling a little (read: extremely) shaky.

3. Moodpath

Whether you are a feeling newly overwhelmed or bridging the gap between therapy sessions, Moodpath helps you journal your emotions and gives helpful plans of action to implement into your life.

4. Colorfy

Indulge in some colour therapy with this app that allows you to create colour-by-numbers imagery and help you decompress for just a few minutes – or hours. Who says colouring in is just for children?