Four easy hacks to remove wax stains from your clothing

Image: Image:123RF/Valery Bond

Stained your favourite shirt or pair of pants with wax?

Try these hacks.

Keep in mind:

Scraping away at the stain will only remove the wax on the surface level. If you continue scraping you may damage your clothing. You will have to re-melt the wax before you’ll be able to remove the entire stain.

Method 1: Scrape off the excess wax. Place the stained piece of cloth between two pieces of white kitchen towel (preferably with no pictures or print that can stain white or delicate fabric) or brown paper bags. Heat an iron to its lowest setting and, once warm, press down on the stained area.

Do not steam. Once dark spots start to form (this will be the melting wax), move the kitchen towel or paper around until all the wax has been absorbed. If the stained area is large, you may need to replace the kitchen towel or paper bag. Wash in warm water. 

Method 2: If you do not have access to an iron or are scared to burn your clothes, place kitchen towel or a paper bag on both sides of the stain and blow on the spot for five seconds at a time with a hairdryer. Repeat the last steps from method 1.

Method 3: Place the stained area over a bowl and secure it with a rubber band. Pour boiling water over the stain. Repeat if this doesn’t melt all the wax on the first try and wash in warm water.

Method 4: Add 5 teaspoons of baking soda to boiling water. Dip the part of the clothing with the wax stain into the water using a stick and remove after one minute. Repeat until the wax has been completely removed and wash in warm water.