3 quick ways to boost your immunity

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Put your body into fighting mode with these easy, homemade “potions” built to boost defences.

1. Lemon water 

Not only is this a simple immune booster but adding fresh lemon, with the rind still on, to warm water also helps to alkalise the body.

Having the body in an alkaline state is crucial in maintaining balance in the body’s functions and the availability of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous in the body.

When the body is more acidic, he immune system becomes compromised and an easy target for bacteria and disease that cannot thrive in an alkaline state.

2. Vit C heat 

Create a spicy, antioxidant-packed and comforting drink or a vitamin booster shot that is easy to make at home.

Use about a cup of orange juice (with pulp or not) or half a cup to make a concentrated shot as a base. Add a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper (according to your spice tolerance) and a few sprinkles of turmeric to your preference.

The cayenne pepper helps to relieve pain and any digestive issues while turmeric has great anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Flu fighter 

If you’re good at taking tequila shots, this immune-boosting shot is no biggie.

Fill a shot glass or squeeze 25 ml of lemon juice into a glass. In a separate glass, crush a small piece of fresh ginger, a squeeze of honey and a few sprinkles of cinnamon to make a slightly paste-like texture.

Ingest the ginger-honey-cinnamon mixture and chase with the lemon juice.