5 minutes with K Naomi

09 December 2020 - 16:34
By Sanet Oberholzer
Image: Supplied

Television personality K Naomi was recently announced as one of the new faces of Malfy Gin as part of an exciting new collaboration and their first African campaign.

We spoke to the presenter and model about how she is planning on spending her December holiday and to find out what her tips are for doing this in style.

Why have you decided to partner with Malfy in your new collaboration as the face of Malfy Gin?

It’s always exciting to work with a brand that perfectly aligns with mine and Malfy Gin is that brand for me. They have launched an amazing campaign – the first of its kind in Africa – #CIAOMalfy, which encapsulates aspects of all the things I love: travels, social events, beautiful people, great tasting drinks and good vibes. 

How are you planning to take a breather this summer holiday to recharge after a hectic year?

It’s been such a tough year. I’m excited to spend much of my summer holiday with friends and family. It’s also a good time to catch up and create memories we couldn’t create during the pandemic. This breather consists of a beach, sun tans, good conversations, cocktails, cute dresses, laughter and love!

What are some beauty products you can’t do without during the summer holidays?

I definitively can’t do without good deodorant and sunscreen for the heat, clear lipgloss and sanitizer for safety sake.

What are your best sun care tips for days spent outside?

Sunscreen, water, sunscreen and water...

What is your favourite gin recipe?

My favourite gin recipe is Malfy Gin Rosa with fresh citrus fruits such as orange slices and dry lemon!

What are your must-have plane items?

Right now my must haves are high-waisted shorts that you can mix and match with cute tops, kimonos and cover ups. The weather is perfect enough to have your legs out.

What’s your go-to outfit to travel in?

I love traveling in something comfortable, specifically a nice tracksuit with a tank underneath and sneakers. I love an outfit that isn’t restricting.

Do you have any shopping hacks for avoiding the mad rush of the holiday crowds?

Online shopping is the answer to all the madness for me, especially now during the pandemic.

What’s your preferred holiday scent?

My preferred scent in general is Gucci The Only One. It works perfectly for every season and has this beautiful somber smell.