WATCH | Coconut Kelz's 'self-defence racism' class will make your day

Coconut Kelz pokes fun at racists in her 'self-defence' class.
Coconut Kelz pokes fun at racists in her 'self-defence' class.
Image: Supplied/DStv Now

Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do, like racism? Well, satirist and comedian Coconut Kelz has the perfect “self-defence racism” class.

Kelz, who took to social media on Thursday, shared “exercise techniques” that those accused of being racist could use when they find themselves in a “tough” situation. LOL!

The skit comes after she poked fun at Clicks as scores of South Africans lambasted the retailer for its since-deleted racist advert demeaning African hair. The advert on the company's website labelled African hair as “dry” and “damaged” while an example of blonde hair was described as “fine” and “flat”.

Kelz said Clicks was “innocent” and  it was not the retailer's fault that black hair is “frizzy, dull, dry and damaged”.

In the recent skit, Kelz's “exercise techniques” include denying, playing confused, pretending to think, and the infamous “I don't see colour” technique.

When you are pushed into a corner, defend yourself with the “I am not a racist, I have black friends” technique, said Kelz.

“Now that you know how to self-defend yourself out of racism, use these wisely,” she joked.

Watch the video below: