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Treat yourself to a home pamper party with Sorbet’s Bath and Body ranges

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Pamper your skin at home with Sorbet’s Bath and Body ranges.
Pamper your skin at home with Sorbet’s Bath and Body ranges.
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Feel comfortable in your own skin and spoilt for choice with Sorbet’s Bath and Body Core ranges of body lotions, self-care sanitising and indulgent pamper treats to rejuvenate, nourish, firm, balance and hydrate.

Sorbet Firming Range.
Sorbet Firming Range.
Image: Supplied/Sorbet

My Butter Half

Find yourself a body care range that can do both — nourish and hydrate like a boss. With dragon fruit extract, Sorbet’s Nourishing range is known to make skin look brighter, younger and smoother.

Coupled with argan oil that helps to naturally boost hydration, your skin has never known nourishment like this.

Lil’ Pick Me Up

Spas closed? No problem. Create a rejuvenating spa experience at home with the Sorbet Rejuvenating Range that is jam-packed with kiwi extract and high in vitamins C and E and antioxidants to boost your skin’s health, while collagen helps firm the skin.

Firm Believer

You may have 99 problems but ageing ain’t one of them with the Sorbet Firming Range close at hand. Its formulas come powered by pomegranate, green tea and cranberry oil and contain powerful antioxidants and vitamin E to put the brakes on premature ageing for good.

Sorbet Hydrating range.
Sorbet Hydrating range.
Image: Supplied/Sorbet

Love At Thirst Sight

Dry skin doesn’t stand a chance if the Sorbet Hydrating range is part of your arsenal.

This formula comes squad deep with ingredients such as tangerine, combined with calendula oil, shea butter and vitamin E to provide a potent, soothing combination that will come to your rescue every time.

Wash How I Shine

Get in tune with yourself and block out the daily noise with the Sorbet Balancing Range that aims to centre and pamper.

Happier skin is only an application away with ingredients such as rosemary, starflower, pearl extract and vitamin E, which contain the fatty acids and essential minerals your skin loves and needs.


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