4 comedy shows to help take your mind off the state of things

Image: 123RF/marcociannarel

Every time we turn on our screens, news networks send WhatsApp groups into a daily frenzy with updates about death tolls and lockdowns. Frankly, it’s all getting to be a bit much now.

Any non-coronavirus related distraction is a blessing, and fortunately streaming services are keeping up. So for those of you looking to have a bit of a chuckle and step away from the Covid-19 panic, here are some of the funniest sitcoms on TV right now.

Man Like Mobeen

British street culture is currently one of the coolest things out there right now and Man Like Mobeen is a hilarious way to get into it. The show follows the life of Mobeen, a reformed criminal who now just wants to look after his younger sister and his idiot friends. Unfortunately, leaving the streets is easier said than done.

Kim’s Convenience

Following the daily lives of a Korean family in Canada, this show is the epitome of feel-good television. The show delightfully depicts the generational complications that come with being an immigrant family in a country full of woke people. It’s an easy watch that’s also tear-jerkingly funny and relatable if you have strict parents.

The Inbetweeners

Arguably one of the funniest shows ever made (I said what I said), this irreverent British comedy depicts exactly how stupid teenage boys can be. Be warned, this is not for people with delicate sensibilities but it absolutely is for anyone who would prefer crying from laughter than listening to Shahaan Ramkissoon patch us through to another pandemic expert.


Imagine the show Vikings had an affair and subsequent illegitimate child with the British version of The Office. Chances are the love child would be Norsemen. Set in prehistoric Norway, the show follows a group of vikings going about their bloody lives with all the dry humour of your most beloved British TV shows.