5 lessons we’ve learnt from Bonang Matheba on making money

Bonang Matheba at the E! People's Choice Awards in 2019 where she won in the African Influencer of the year category. Amy Sussman/E! Entertainment/contributor.
Bonang Matheba at the E! People's Choice Awards in 2019 where she won in the African Influencer of the year category. Amy Sussman/E! Entertainment/contributor.

Businesswoman, powerhouse and multi-award-winning media personality, Bonang Matheba, has come a long way since her first big break on SABC1’s music show Live (now Live Amp).

The mogul has managed to solidify her position in the industry as one of Africa’s most influential women. She is much loved on social media and commands a huge following of over six-million followers across social media platforms.

Her extraordinary and admirable work ethic has undoubtedly led her to making major moves, while granting longevity in the various industries she finds herself in.

Queen B is a role model to many young women who draw inspiration from her life and success. More importantly, there is also plenty to be learnt from the various ways in which “Moghel” secures the bag.

Here are five money lessons we have learnt from Bonang Matheba.


For Bonang, time is a precious commodity. Since her days as a presenter on Live, she has learnt not to waste time and to do things right the first time. With live television, there is no opportunity to cut or retake, so valuing time is something she takes very seriously.

If you can be punctual and perform at your optimum without wasting anybody’s time, you are more likely to be called back for other gigs and opportunities. For Bonang, mastering this skill has meant a positive contribution to the lifespan of her career, and lots of money.


Bonang is known for her admirable work ethic which has driven her to score many opportunities in the entertainment industry, such as collaborations with big brands including Revlon and Samsung.

She has also been named African woman of the year by The New African Woman magazine. One thing’s for sure: Bonang’s success came as a result of hard work, identifying opportunities, and making the most of them. 


For Bonang to be the brand that she is today, she has had to invest in herself and be very deliberate in all she does. The star is constantly taking care of her brand because she understands that she is her own enterprise and her own product.

Bonang Matheba fully understands her brand — this is evident in her consistency and in how she conducts herself, even on social media. Understand that you are a brand and set intentions for what you would like to achieve. Invest in yourself by putting in the work so you can enjoy the returns.


The mogul has taken a stab at entrepreneurship from various angles, and it’s paid off. From her lingerie line to her book, and even her much-loved bubbly range House of BNG, the star understands entrepreneurship and the importance of multiple streams of income.

She has also partnered up with some of the world’s best brands including Woolworths, Cell C, Ciroc, and Samsung. Venturing into entrepreneurship is a wise decision as multiple streams of income can play a crucial part towards building your empire.


As the old adage goes: do what you love and the money will follow. Bonang started her brand by simply being herself. She does what she loves and this is why she makes it all looks so easy.

Whether on radio or TV, her passion has always been evident in her work. When you are involved in something that excites you, you are likely to achieve more. This way, you turn your passion into profit.

We all have that one thing we are truly passionate about. Find it, identify opportunities to make money out of it, and use those opportunities to your advantage.