Three tricks to help you stop biting your nails

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In these anxious times, don’t let a nail biting habit get you down and further increase the risk of spreading germs unnecessarily. 

Kick the habit with these basic tips.


It may seem obvious but long nails carry a lot of germs, and in a time when hand washing and germ prevention is so important, ensuring that nails are kept short not only reduces the amount of bacteria hands harbour, but also eliminates the urge to bite nails as there is no extra length to serve as temptation. 


 A nail-biting habit doesn’t just develop out of nowhere. It is usually triggered by anxiety, boredom, hunger or something deeper.  It’s important to be mindful of what causes nail biting if you are to stop the habit once and for all.  When the urge to bite nails arises, keep a journal and jot down what emotions or feelings are arising in that moment in order to identify the real issues and deal with it head on.


Kicking a habit all in one go can be very difficult so start by setting small goals, all working towards stopping nail biting for good. Choose a nail and try to stop biting that one nail then after a few days of not biting that one nail – add another finger to stop biting.  This not only makes stopping more achievable, but also gives you a goal to work towards.  You could even make it fun by rewarding yourself with a treat whenever you stop biting a specific nail.