The secret behind E! presenter Kat Sinivasan’s sizzling style

Katlego Sinivasan shares his top style tips.
Katlego Sinivasan shares his top style tips.
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When it comes to threads, Kat Sinivasan is one of the hottest in the game. As one of the biggest faces on E! Entertainment, Sinivasan has hosted some of the biggest red carpets, including the E! People’s Choice Awards, and interviewed some of the biggest names in the world.

The How Do I Look? presenter is known for his dapper and sleek suiting, which he often pairs with bold accessories.

Want to know the secret behind this style star’s fashion choices? We got the lowdown straight from the style maverick.

What three things should we look out for before buying a suit?

“The fit of the suit is very important,” says Sinivasan who advises tailored-to-fit cuts.

While he prefers to play with pastels, Sinivasan says “newbies [to suits] should try navy or darker tone colours” as it’s an easier palette to introduce into your wardrobe. Also, take the quality of the fabric into consideration. “You get a very cheap fabric that will crease.”

What are the top three grooming products every guy should have?

“Avoid being ashy by staying moisturised. Get a good moisturiser that will not make you oily and has a high sun protection factor rating.“

Speaking of staying moisturised, nobody likes dry or cracked lips, so always have a trusted lip balm near.” Sinivasan also advises other gents to have more than just one fragrance in their arsenal.

What three fashion staples do you stand by?

“You can elevate any outfit with leather. I love wearing leather that looks like it's been lived in. I basically live in leather jackets,” he says.“With the evolution of my style, I’ve really gotten inspired by the rock [and roll]feel. I can wear boots with anything, even a formal look,” says Sinivasan, adding that some boots can “help a shorter guy look a little bit taller”.

“I feel so incomplete without sunglasses; they are a must for any outfit that I wear, ” says Sinivasan. “When you are wearing sunglasses during the daytime they shouldn’t be too polarised. Make sure that you can see your phone.”