Beauty expert tips for managing underarm pit concerns

Nivea Black&White silky smooth brand ambassador, Kefilwe Mabote. IMAGE: Supplied
Nivea Black&White silky smooth brand ambassador, Kefilwe Mabote. IMAGE: Supplied

For many women, one of the most troublesome areas of the body to tackle is the underarm.  

While a lot of women complain about experiencing underarm sensitivity especially after shaving, one of the biggest concerns remains about the physical appearance of the underarm area itself.  

Whether the concern is how even-toned the area is, bumpiness or deodorant and sweat ruining clothing, take note of these tips to leveling up your underarm game.  


Underarms need a similar care regime to that of men’s beards– especially when it comes to ingrown hairs.  Before shaving, make sure to exfoliate the armpits with a gentle scrub or a body sponge to remove any dead skin cells. This also helps to soften and prep the hairs for removal.  

If using a razor, remember to apply a shaving cream or oil to lubricate the area and provide a barrier against skin and blade to reduce chances of nicks and cuts. After shaving, it’s important to moisturise the area to prevent skin becoming dry or irritated. If you don't like shaving, use a hair removal cream formulated for sensitive skin instead. 

Always remember that if exfoliation or hair removal creams produce any irritations, stop use immediately. Using a deodorant with skin conditioning ingredients is gold as it allows you to moisturise the skin while providing you with odour protection.


As part of the melanin squad, pigmentation under the arms is going to be a concern for you.  Pigmentation, usually caused by an inflammatory response due to skin irritation, can lead to underarm discoloration due to the daily friction experienced in the area. 

Using a deodorant that has an alcohol content can cause the delicate area to burn and become inflamed.  Go for deodorant sprays or roll-ons that are alcohol-free, with conditioning formulas that will leave skin feeling nourished.


White residue marks on dark-coloured clothing, as well as yellow sweat stains on lighter-coloured ones can be the cause for huge concern. White residue marks are caused by antiperspirant active ingredients which are usually in a powder form to absorb sweat.  

Yellow stains are caused by the mixing of the antiperspirant actives with the skin’s natural oils, which, over time, can result in permanent stains. When buying a deodorant, look for one that has terms such as “invisible” or “anti-stain tech”, as these have antiperspirant actives suspended in oil as well as anti-stain actives which make stains and residue less likely.


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