What to wear, eat & drink: the top trends for 2020

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We can thank Zendaya and the rest of the cast of the series Euphoria for making sparkles and glitter cool again.

From the runways of Fendi to Giambattista Valli, a sprinkling of glitter, rhinestones or stick-on stars under the eyes, brings a sense of childhood fun and playful glam – even if you’re adulting.

This year will definitely be exploring this new wave of make-up expression, making beauty more fun and individualistic than ever.

Getty Images / Fernanda Calfat
Getty Images / Fernanda Calfat


We are going big in 2020. Big puffy sleeves, voluminous skirts and wide-leg pants can all be used to complete any outfit this season. Create some room in your wardrobes and stock up on some volume pieces – the bigger, the better!

Another trend wave we weren’t expecting is mixing up different prints in one outfit. There’s no need to shy away from using more than one print in your outfit – mix and match your spots, stripes and florals to create your own signature style.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, 2020 is opening the door for a new wave of male grooming. Dare we say it, but macho make-up is a thing!

Male grooming products such as skincare and tech are on the rise, but the next step we’re seeing is make-up for men.

From Dior to Masango by Siphosihle, the gender fluidity of the beauty industry is creating a space where men wearing make-up doesn’t mean sporting a full set of lashes, but rather perfecting what you have. Think refined, healthy looking skin by way of a lightweight tinted moisturiser or concealer.

Just Cuban restaurant interior/ Supplied
Just Cuban restaurant interior/ Supplied


Daisy Letwaba’s restaurant Just Cuban is a return to experiential dining. Located in Hatfield, the upmarket restaurant defers back to old-school luxury with a taste of Havana.

At the helm of the two-level restaurant, which includes private dining rooms, is chef Absa Kotsokoane, whose extensive offerings include not only fine dining options, but also traditional dishes. The restaurant is also open for breakfast.

Chef Absa's belief is in creating memorable culinary experiences which he executes with beautifully plated dishes.

The backdrop to all this includes live performances (think old school jazz bands) and an interior featuring marble decor and comfortable fittings.


Plant-based diets will continue to be the biggest trend in 2020 and there will be more plant-based meat alternatives available on supermarket shelves. Sticky brown pomegranate molasses, used extensively in Moroccan foods, will also become the natural sweetener of choice.

As far as drinks are concerned, sobering up is the way we’re moving. Alcohol-free drinks – mocktails, alcohol-free gin, beers and there’s even a move to low in alcohol wines. Fermented drinks are also the in-thing.

Kombucha, the healthy, slightly alcoholic bubbly drink made from tea is widely available at a price. Get fermenting and make your own fermented products at a fraction of the cost.


The film Les Miserables is a must see, and who better to make a mesmerising movie about relationships within a diverse migrant community on the outskirts of Paris, and the rogue cops who patrol it, than someone who grew up there?

Ladj Ly, the director of the multiaward-winning film, grew up in Montfermeil which exploded in the 2005 uprising, about which he made a short prize-winning film.

This feature film is no documentary. It is a gripping story and never lets up until the final scene. Acted by adults and kids, the film is in a league of its own.

It will be released on January 17 by Videovision Entertainment through United International Pictures (Africa).