Top travel tips to keep your luggage safe this festive season

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While the festive season is filled with good cheer, good food and visits with family it is also a time to take a break and get away for a while. Unfortunately, travelling is not always about sun, surf and sea or the fun road trips to your Christmas holiday. It is also peak season for criminals.

Whether you’re planning a local or international trip, increased foot traffic and chaos around main hubs of transport means an increased chance for criminals to target you.

In urging travellers to be extra vigilant this holiday season, Auto & General Insurance are offering the following practical tips to make your luggage less of a target and reduce the chances of your holiday turning sour.


Before you leave

  • With limited time to rummage through bags, be clever in the way you pack your bags. Pack the least important items on top and your more valuable or important items as far out of easy reach as possible.
  • Some bags contain secret compartments – consider investing in clever luggage of this nature.
  • Do not pack valuables such as cameras, laptops, jewellery, money, credit cards and expensive toiletries like make-up and perfume in your bag: take them with you as hand luggage but just remember to check the restrictions on the quantities of liquids you’re allowed to take on board.
  • Individualise your bag and make it stand out. Tie a colourful ribbon, scarf or tie to it which will make it easy to spot.
  • Don’t take very expensive items on holiday if you don’t need to. Rather leave them at home where they’ll (hopefully) be safe from criminal intentions.

At the terminal

  • The more barriers you place on your luggage, the less likely criminals are to target it. Consider locking your zips with locks or cable ties and wrap your bags at the airport.
  • Keep your luggage close to you at all times, don’t leave it unattended and don’t let it out of your sight.
  • If you do have to hand your luggage over to someone, make sure it’s an official employee of a service provider whose services you require to undertake your trip.
  • Do not reveal to those around you what you’re carrying in your bag. Try to leave it closed at all times and be quick when you have to open it.
  • Checking in your bags very early is not always a good idea. Your bag may be left unattended for a long period of time, creating an opportunity for criminals to ransack it.